Ghostwriting Services

Say you wanted to build your dream house. If people asked you what you wanted the house to look like, you could tell them exactly how you wanted it to be—inside and out. However, unless you were a skilled building contractor, you wouldn’t just pick up a shovel, dig a hole in the ground, and start building the house yourself.

It’s the same thing with writing a book. Many people have the knowledge and expertise to fill a book with great ideas, but they don’t have the skills or the time to actually write the book. That’s where we come in. Just as you would hire a contractor to build your dream home, hire Fleming Editorial Services to ghostwrite your dream book. We will work with you to write the book you’ve always wanted to write.

Our Ghostwriting Process

We’ll start by having a conversation with you to get a full appreciation of what you want the book to say. Based on our discussion, we’ll draft a chapter-by-chapter outline of the book for your approval and lay out a schedule for completion.

Then we’ll interview you further and draw on whatever notes or other material you have to create a book that says everything you want it to say, in your own voice. We’ll even do any research needed to complete the work. Ghostwriting includes a first draft plus two rounds of revision based on your feedback. You’ll have final review and approval of everything that goes into your book, and the final manuscript belongs to you.

Every writer (even a professional ghostwriter!) needs an editor, and when you work with us, you get both: typically our process is for Doug to write and Paula to edit so you get the benefit of two minds and two pairs of eyes on your work. Plus, we format the manuscript in Word so that it will flow readily into layout in Adobe InDesign or another program.

Thinking of Self-Publishing?

We also offer book design and layout services, including ebook creation, and we can manage submission to CreateSpace/Kindle or another channel. Learn more about book packaging.

Our Focus

We are, quite frankly, nerds. We know a surprising amount about a surprising number of things. (We surprise each other a lot.) Over the years, we have developed surprisingly deep writing experience in business and history.


Paula has an MBA from the University of Minnesota, and Doug is a former Series 7–licensed retirement planning consultant. Paula and Doug have written content for numerous trade books and textbooks in the fields of business and legal fields. Learn more about business writing services.


Paula has an MA in European History from Northwestern University. Doug spent five years as a professional military historian, developing historical wargames and history books for a small publisher. Learn more about history writing services.

Why Fleming Editorial?

We are committed to the highest standards of client service and integrity. We have many years of experience but are always seeking to learn and improve. We love what we do and are very good at it, and that stands out in the quality of the finished products we deliver to our clients.

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