Book Packaging

At Fleming Editorial, we can help you with all stages of your book, from idea to first draft to final draft to finished book in print and electronic versions.

Book-Packaging Process

To see a step-by-step description of our book-packaging process, visit our Book Production Process page.

All of the books we work on with independent authors and small presses are copyedited and then, after layout, proofread multiple times. If producing a manuscript is proving to be a challenge, we can also help with ghostwriting or developmental editing. When we begin working with you, we develop a schedule and a budget for each step of the process so there are no surprises. We can also handle the submission of your book to a self-publishing platform like Amazon’s CreateSpace or to a printer.

Paula and Doug are veteran writers and editors, and we partner with our very experienced colleague Nat Case to provide professional book design and layout services.

Design and Layout

How your book looks inside and out is very important to its sales and to its impact on readers. Read more about Design and Layout and how we work with authors to design their book covers and pages.


We can produce your book in electronic form for Kindle, iBooks, and other digital platforms. Read more about different ebook options.


After our designer and compositor has turned your manuscript into a beautiful book, we put the pages through multiple rounds of proofreading to make sure no errors have been introduced during composition. At Fleming Editorial, the first proofreader is always a different person from the copyeditor, thus providing a second pair of eyes to catch any errors or issues that might have slipped by on the first read. This approach ensures that the final product is of the highest quality.

Why Fleming Editorial?

We are committed to the highest standards of client service and integrity. We have many years of experience but are always seeking to learn and improve. We love what we do and are very good at it, and that stands out in the quality of the finished products we deliver to our clients.

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