As part of our book-packaging services, Fleming Editorial can convert your book into a variety of electronic formats. When we produce ebooks, we test the functionality of the book on various apps and proofread for odd characters and formatting that can introduce themselves in the conversion. (We’ve all read ebooks with these problems! So annoying!)

Ebook Formats

The most popular option is to produce an EPUB file and then export that file to Kindle format. EPUB is a free and open standard for ebooks, and EPUB files can be read on a number of platforms including iBooks, Google Play Books, Barnes & Noble Nook, Adobe Digital Editions, and Calibre, among many others. Kindle is the format for ebooks sold by Amazon.

Another option is a fixed-view ebook. This HTML-based format is readable with ebook devices/apps and has a table of contents that links to different chapters. Unlike pages in a regular ebook, the pages don’t “flow”; that is, they are fixed images and don’t adjust to different screen sizes, and people reading on smaller screens may have to scroll to see all of a page.

Finally, some authors opt simply to make a PDF version of the book available to readers who request one. Since a PDF is generated when the book is laid out for print, we don’t charge to send this file to our clients. Offering a PDF of the book to readers who submit their email addresses is one way for authors to engage with readers and build up a mailing list.

Why Fleming Editorial?

We are committed to the highest standards of client service and integrity. We have many years of experience but are always seeking to learn and improve. We love what we do and are very good at it, and that stands out in the quality of the finished products we deliver to our clients.

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