Educational Writing

Textbooks today at all levels need supplemental materials that instructors can draw on to give effective lessons and engage students. Supplemental materials must be aligned with the book’s learning objectives and, if applicable, national or state standards.

Educational Content Development

At Fleming Editorial, we write test bank questions, online learning activities, case studies, quick-reference sheets, instructor’s guides, and presentation slides—all geared to help educators deliver a great learning experience for students. We are familiar with various online content delivery systems and can readily learn new ones, and we can format material with metadata according to your house style so it uploads correctly to your system.

We are committed to providing quality educational writing for students and teachers that accurately reflects the textbook’s content. In questions, correct answers should be correct, incorrect answers should be unambiguously incorrect, and explanations should further the student’s understanding. If a standardized test is being emulated, then the style and format of the questions must match those of the test. Materials for instructors should be easy for the busy educator to use, providing a ready-to-use scaffold the instructor can customize as he or she desires. Learning experiences should engage students at the desired level in Bloom’s taxonomy.

Whether your project is small or large and whether it involves grade school–, high school–, or college-level material, we would love to create content for you.

Why Fleming Editorial?

We are committed to the highest standards of client service and integrity. We have many years of experience but are always seeking to learn and improve. We love what we do and are very good at it, and that stands out in the quality of the finished products we deliver to our clients.

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