All of us at Fleming Editorial Services love books and the written word. We come to our profession from diverse backgrounds, but we share a commitment to excellence in our craft and to high standards of customer service.

Paula Fleming, Founder and Project Manager

Paula Fleming, Fleming Editorial

Paula has been a professional writer and editor for over 16 years. During that time, she has copyedited books and other content for a number of US book publishers, organizations, and individuals. She also writes educational content for several textbook publishers. Before transitioning to the publishing field, she earned an MA in European History and an MBA, and she worked in human resources and information systems.

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Doug McNair, Head Content Developer

Doug McNair, Fleming Editorial

Doug has been a professional writer and editor for over 10 years. He was chief development editor for a small publisher of history books and historical games, and then he joined Fleming Editorial Services, where he is chief of content development. He draws on his varied background in history and business to create content for textbook publishers and ghostwrite books for independent author clients.

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Nat Case, Co-owner of INCase LLC

Nat Case, Fleming EditorialNat has been designing publications for more than a 30 years, including 22 years making maps with Hedberg Maps Inc., which he helped found. He is now co-owner of INCase LLC, where he designs books and creates maps and fact-based graphics, and he works at the Pioneer Press daily newspaper in St. Paul, Minnesota, as a page designer.

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